Mister Melho,

Born in 1996 in the Ivory Coast, travelling (Canada, Morocco, city of the interior of the C.I...) developed my taste for escape, discovery and curiosity, while arousing my interest in art and culture. Adept of digital drawing since my youngest age, I chose to devote myself fully to it in 2015, eager to realize myself and invest myself full time in this activity.
My first sources of inspiration were the social and political atmosphere in the world (racism, insults and criticism towards black people, marginalization of women, ...). I was inspired by the African Woman whose elegant appearance, full skin, remarkable courage and presence, impose respect and admiration, hence the name of my art: AFRIK'ART, which means African Art. I started a series of digital drawings, to naturally switch to a more personal and colourful representation.

I then began to explore storyboards, whose artistic approach particularly attracts me. I like to draw instinctively, to be inspired by life experiences, human relationships, to give birth to forms, to harmonize colors, to explore possibilities... My creations are improvised and my gestures spontaneous.
My emotions are represented by energy, will, movement, under the impulse of the moment, letting the instruments go according to my desires.
To achieve my goals, I use digital instruments.
I try to translate my universe, that of the black woman, to enhance it, to give it the importance it deserves to have.
Through the drawings, through practice, my style has asserted itself, naturally.

To realize myself through drawing has for me a liberating side. Rather introverted by nature, I express myself through the creative impulse that drives me.
Inspired by life, nature, Africa, but especially the beautiful black skin, my universe sometimes represents a kind of unreal landscape, a tale. Earth (its place of attack), fire (representing strength and courage), wind (softness) are the elements among many others, characterizing the Black Woman, the African Woman. Some will see a flower, a butterfly, a waterfall, a firework... Everyone can have a subjective vision of it, interpret what he sees through colours, shapes, matter and feel what comes out of it...
I hope, while enjoying myself, to touch those who will be led to contemplate my works, to arouse in the spectator emotions, feelings, memories, desires or ideas. Each of my drawings is a call to change one's behaviour, to another vision. Art is subjective, everyone has their own way of seeing and feeling.

To paint the African Woman to honour her in all her splendour: sensitive, beautiful, provocative, bewitching, mysterious, courageous, determined, romantic, melancholic, energetic, eccentric, sensual, timeless, mother ... I will be fulfilled when my drawings do not leave the viewer indifferent, even more when they arouse emotions, which give meaning to my work and my artistic approach.