Justine Beguin


Self-taught painter, I express myself mainly through abstraction in oil painting, letting my soul speak.

I come from Sologne, area in the middle of France, where I grew up surrounded by nature and its forests. I draw a lot but I don't dare to fully embark on this path. I study art history in Tours and the discovery of the many works awakens an artistic desire, as it allow me to go deeper in understanding art and connect with it. However, it was not until my trip to French Guiana in 2015 that I really discovered painting.

French Guiana, the adoption land, had a strong impact on me during the two years I lived there. A canvas and oil tubes were left there as if waiting for me, and I painted my first canvases there. Abstract of course and in a very intuitive way, to discover the material and these new sensations. Guyana was therefore a very rich land in every senses of the word: nature, the jungle plenty of colours, smells, sounds, life, all these very strong sensations and energies. It has allowed me to develop my art, to learn to listen and receive, to develop my senses and to refine my communication and connection with what surrounds us.

Abstraction first of all with textured canvases thanks to the knife technic which brings thickness and relief, contrast and depth. Then, little by little, the figurative took up a place in my work in order to share more clearly what I see or feel.
Canvases that speak of a subtil world, of energies that surround us and the power existing in evry one of us...