Santano (1978-2015) Spanish artist, Soon highlighted their drawing skills, which made him enroll in Fine Arts (1994).
Also, continuous part of the Spanish artistic life, participating in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally
His career as an artist says it all looking at his work. its artistic merits have been and will continue to be recognized.
Use varied techniques although in recent times can be seen very meticulous work Oil
part of groups of artists to help people better understand that art is and will be part of everyday life for people
It has partcipado in numerous competitions at national and international level, winning first prize sometimes
Currently recognizes that he is living his art selling their work in a variety of galleries that accommodate the splendor of his career
if something is distingido is by its very personal style that leads to very deep artistic boundaries
His works are also in public agencies, in addition to having made several reports for television and newspapers.
Painting, sculpture, drawing, tattoos.
It seems that nothing gets to this artist in expressing their art. page, vous trouverez ma biographie